Radars needs maintenance. We make maintenance everytime when a Radar comes back from our customers. And we do it much more detailed than the manufacturer recommends it. But why not make a service out of it?

And this is what we do!

If you have trouble with your Bridgemaster E or Visionmaster FT Transceiver, maybe it doesn’t look very nice, or your have serious problems with it, talk to us!

This is how our Maintenance Service works:

We ship a equivalent Transceiver to the Vessel and the Vessel is retuning their original Transceiver to us. Benefit: The Vessel can still sail without any restrictions. We charge for this the normal price according to our pricelist.

After receiving of the Transceiver, we make a full check, not a single screw will remain untouched. After we have found out what is wrong, you’ll get an estimation of costs, less the already paid rental unit.

Now it’s up to you: You can decide if you want to proceed, or if you want your Transceiver back. In this case you have to pay still the rental Transceiver until it is received back in our Warehouse.

If you decide to make the Maintenance, we go ahead and repairing all the damaged parts and ship it back to the Vessel after successful Testing.

Together with the Transceiver, you’ll get a Certificate of Maintenance.

We are working together with other companies which are specialized in metal and fibre coating. If you don’t want the Transceiver back in white, okay, we can paint it in every possible colour you want. At least it is a RAL Colour.

Some pictures from already done refurbishments.