Premium Services

Welcome in our Premium Services Section

With our premium Services you can gain your Ranger Navigational Rental experience to the maximum.

Included in our package:

  • onboard Integration Test
  • Units only reserved for this Vessel
  • hot standby – shipped within 2 hours
  • customized installation Manual

Onboard intregration Test

Before the contract is signed, we come onboard with the Units and we take all the Settings and specials in our records. After this, we connect the rental Units and apply these Settings that it will match seamlessly. Any kind of Adaptorcable (if necessary) will remain onboard that it is in position when needed.


The allocated Units are taken out of the normal rental cycle and will remain in the Warehouse only for the specific Ship they are prepared for. Packaging Material and Boxes right next to it.

Hot Standby

The Units will be shipped at least 3 Hours after the call that they’re needed. Depending on the Ships location it may take one or two days that the units arrive.

Customized installation Manual

During the intregration Tests we take Photos and Notes that we can make a very customized installation Manual. This allows the Crew to cleary see where to put what cable. 100% no confusion!