Watchkeeper - the tailored CCTV solution for the maritme world


CCTV is just more than a camera system. It can provide you with essential informations without any interaction from the human side. With the Ranger Navigational Rental Watchkeeper system you'll power up the situational awareness to an entire new level.

seamless 360° view -  automatic intrusion detection - pax in / pax out counting - proximity warning - motion detection - night vision - harbour apporach assist

360° seamless view

Gain the ultimate in-control-experience with the Watchkeeper 360° aroundview.
Our 180° quad-lens cameras will provide a seamless field of view with a range of max 100 meters in day mode and 50 meters in night mode.

Harsh environment?

No problem! Just look at our EX-Certified PTZ camera. 4MP automatic focus with attached external IR-Floodlight. The anti rain integrated wiper matches perfectly the timeless stainless-steel design of the camera. 

Pilotstation & Gangway monitoring

With the 12MP Fisheye camerayou can be sure that nobody can board the ship without notification. Placed overhead, downwards looking the operator, or the person in charge can be automatically notified when a person is making an attempt to board the vessel. 

Thermal imaging

When the sight is blurred, it is time for the thermal image.

With our thermal camera, you can easily spot hot or cold leakages inside the engineroom or wherever you need it. 

Agile Server architecture – between the cameras and the screen where the picture is displayed a multifunctional Server is placed. This server, easily upgradeable and scalable, is the heart of the system.

physically placed somewhere on board, it will handle all camera feeds and all presentation devices, including mobile viewing devices (Android tablets or similar)

It will also handle the alarmmanagement, sms / email notification, and many more.

All server can be equipped with UPS that, in case of blackout, the recording will continous.

M1 RadioLine

M1 RadioLine is our standard Wifi-Bridge solution for exposed locations. But the M1 can do much more! Equipped with marine grade Wifi Antennas and a Simcard for mobile data, it is possible to maintain a stable ship to shore connection while in port or in coastal waters. Combined with the Watchkeeper system it is possible to automatical establish the ship to shore connection while arriving in port, that the Videopicture from shoreside is displayed on the bridge while berthing.