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cost reducing

Our rentals can reduce significantly your maintenance costs.

Fast worldwide shipment

Inside European Country next Day delivery (when order is placed by 15:00 UTC)

Schedule saver

Our rentals are designed to ensure that the ship can hold the schedule.

Long term rentals

Short term rentals


Reminder service

Overhaul service

Refurbish service

All our rentals are fully type approved and, if necessary, preconfigured. All rentals are designed to be deployed by the crew. No Service attendance is necessary.


All rentals are sanitized with uv-rays prior shipping

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Ranger -simply straight forward

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Our Competencies

Radio communication

VHF / UHF / AIR Handhelds VHF / UHF Stations

AIS Transceiver

Class A AIS Transponder
Class B AIS Transponder
AIS Receiver

GPS / DGNSS Receiver

GPS Receiver
DGPS Receiver
DGNSS Receiver (Galileo,Glonass,Baidou)


X-Band Radar

Watchkeeper CCTV

Watchkeeper CCTV

360° Around view
Movement detection
Situational awareness

Weather Information Devices

Navtex Receiver
Weatherfax Receiver
Display and Printer

Sattelite Speedlog

Satellite Speedlog
Speed Indicators

Voyage Data Recorder

Data Processing Units
Sensor Interface Units


Indicators & Accesories


From our blog

Good News!

today we have the pleasure to announce that 2 new customers have decided to sign on for our Long Term Rental Service. One of it, a Tug operating company who relies on our services since 2019, and one cruise ship operator. In total 6 #Cobham Sailor #RT6222 and one Cobham Sailor #Navtex Unit are going to be installed. After two years,…

VDR Capsule refurbish Service

See how our VDR Capsule refurbishment Service works! A customer had send us his own worn out Capsule, because he was afraid of not passing the next Annual performance Test. And you can see, that his concerns were well founded. While the Capsule is in our Hands, the Ship is sailing with one of our…

Our Mission is our dedication

Too long shipowners were at Suppliers mercy. They had to pay extraordinary prices for services which could be only called useless. It was time for a change.

The change is now.

Now Shipowners and Superintendants are in the position to choose what would be the best for their company and the ship.


Keep them sailing, do it the Ranger way.

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