Industry 4.0, IoT, and Digitalization only to name a few, are the buzzwords these days.

All these new ways of improving the business want to be heard and followed. All over the world shipowner are competing each other to reach the top, to have the hottest gadgets, to achieve more than all others.
This is good, very good indeed, because a technological stagnancy will result in a lack of opportunities and a loss of profit.

The other side of the coin is that all these new helping items want to be purchased. We have experienced an astonishing jump on the technology side, remember ten or more years ago, how difficult it was to track the vessel from shoreside. AIS-Live, Marinetraffic and were right started, and not always trustworthy. Getting connected to the ship was reduced to times where mobile signals could reach the shore.

Nowadays where we just can use the Wifi Signal on board to make telephone calls makes it easier to reach the ship even when it is in the middle of the ocean. Without using Inmarsat and generating high costs. And that’s just a one of hundreds of improvements what we could discover on the technology. Unfortunately, there’s one sector which has almost no improvement seen: The financial sector.

As a shipowner, or it’s representant, the only choice you have is to buy it or to leave.

In my eyes this is an inacceptable situation. How can any advance in technology raise when nobody can afford it?
Today I want to change this situation to owner’s favor. There is another possibility to get the new technology and still be able to operate within the normal budget. You can call it #Navigation-as-a-Service or, as we do it, #Long-term-rentals.

Feel free to download our white paper below and plan your next upgrade of your Wheelhouse with us!

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C.Hinsch CEO
-Ranger Navigational Rental-