Is your Voyage Data recorder Capsule also looking like this?

faded out Sticker?

paint on it?

rust started to corrode?

bended Handles?


Then it’s time to try our Capsule refurbishement Service!


How is it working?

Easy. You’ll receive a rental Capsule from us and you send us yours. Then it’s time for you to lean back and relax and sail.

Your capsule will go through following Steps:

Step 1: Initial check

Step 2: Surface treatment

Step 3: Metalworks (if necessary)

Step 4: Exchange of Gaskets

Step 5: Final Inspection

Afterwards, you’ll get your own capsule back. Looking better than new, and we give a 1 Year warranty on it.


What does it cost?

Now you would think that this service is extremely expensive. Sorry, but you are far off.

Just pick up your phone and call. You will be surprised! We guarantee this.